Messages from the Director

~We adhere to the spirit of “Noblesse oblige”~
by Ng Cheng wei

Ng Cheng wei

As the world continues to evolve with the wisdom of people, our life is becoming enriched and advanced. However, this is only applicable to the people living in developed countries; there is still the poor called BOP (Bottom/Base of the Economic Pyramid) with a population of 4 billion. Considering that, we should not be fully pleased with our advancement ignoring the problem.I believe business should be rewarded by making a contribution to the people who are in need.

In other words, we should not look away from the current state of the world; we should take actions with a sense of commitment.

It is the duty of those who can do it while it is the salvation to those who do not have it.

We need to keep progressing day by day to make it happen. In order to realise world peace, each one of us must adhere the spirit of Noblesse oblige.