BOP Business Support


BOP Business development (Bottom/Base of the economic Pyramid Business Project)is said to be the first step to realizing world peace. This is not simply about promoting charity projects. From the business aspect, there is plenty of potential to expand business by incorporating this layer of the economic pyramid. Access to this undeveloped market will create benefits for both parties.


BOP business is targeting the bottom/base of the Economic Pyramid.

The BOP layer generally refers to the people with an annual income of $3000 based on purchasing power parity (PPP) in the low-income group in developing countries. The population size is said to be about 4 billion.

At the same time, the BOP layer is a huge market with a consumption amount of 600 trillion yen and is called a new promising market “Next Volume Zone” where incomes are expected to improve along with a rapid economic growth in the future.

Although BOP business is a corporate activity seeking profits, we strive to go beyond that. We believe it can be a sustainable business model that contributes to solving social development issues such as poverty by creating means of living and economic activities.

BOP Business Support